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Top 10 Advertising Network For Publishers 2016

top 10 ad networksCorrect monetization and correct choosing ad service can improve blog monthly earning rate. In web you will find many advertising network for publishers. But most of them are not paid as much as your blog potential. Choosing any advertising network and monetize blog with that is not a best idea?? Anyone can’t tell which ad network can work better for your blog?? But we never experiment our blog with other ad network ads we always goes for some reputed ad networks. It’s time to check other ad networks; Here I listed 10 best advertising network for publishers. Hope you like it.

No surprise adsense is the world largest and best advertising network for many years. Adsense account approval is quite hard but not impossible. If you follow adsense policy and webmaster quality guideline you can easily get approve by adsense. Adsense show best display ad, mobile ads, video ads and search result ads. Adsense mainly popular for their relevant ads and High CPC and CPM rates.

Details –

  • Publisher Traffic Requirement – None
  • Payment Method – Check, Western Union
  • Minimum payout – 100$

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Infolinks is best in in-text ads. It approves almost all blogs. Infolinks offer four kinds of ads intext ads, insearch, inframe and intag ads. It also works with adsense without violating any rule. To get maximum benefit combine infolink ads and any other image base ads network.

  • Payment Method – e-check, Paypal, Western Union
  • Minimum payout – 50$

Chitika is another one of the largest advertising network after adsense with more than 300, 000 publishers. You can use chikita and other ad networks such as adsense ad in same page without violating any rule. It also gives high CPC rate but sometimes clicks from Asian courtiers its give almost zero money. It works best if you mixed chitika ad with adsense ads.

  • Payment Method – Check, paypal
  • Minimum payout – 10$

RevenueHits is an Israeli-based ad network founded in 2008. Their ads are performing based on CPA so you will get money if visitor click on your ads. Varity types to ads are available so you can choose best ad size for your blog. Its support system is quite impressive if you have any query ask them, they will give you reply within 24 hours.

  • Payment Method – Paypal, Wire Transfer

Adcash is a Estonia base ad network founded in 2007. Their ads are performing based on CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC. There’s a great deal of publicizing system giving a less chance to influence the spaces in the site, on as opposed to them – AdCash gives a wide assortment of advertisement organizations that suits both for PC and versatile.

Details –

  • Payment method – Paypal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, WebMoney
  • Minimum Payout – $100

Another one big advertising network nearly gets two million impressions per day. offers various types of display ads, video, mobile ads and some custom implementation as well. If your blog getting large portion visitors are came from (UK, US and Canada) you should try this ad network.

  • Minimum payout – 25$ is a contextual ad service program from Yahoo!Bing Network. Contextual ad service means readers will be see advertisement related to the content of the page. As per quality of ads you have a good chance to earn huge money. Like chitika you can add ad with adsense ads without violating any rules. To create an account go request an invite.

  • Payment Method – Paypal, Wire transfer

Buysellads is another way to earn some money from blog or website. In short a marketplace for publishers and advertiser to buy and sell ads. Main problem is it does not approve domain you have to buy a custom domain to get approval and its approval process quite hard. You blog monthly visitor should be more than 15k for eligible as a buysellads publisher.

  • Publisher Traffic Requirement – 15K Visitor per month minumum
  • Payment Method – Paypal
  • Minimum payout – 20$

Clicksor is a Canada base ad network. Mainly targeted UK base traffic if you try most from this you have to get 50% traffic from Canada, US as well as UK. Clicksor offer six different types of ads for publishers such as text ads, layer ads, pop-up ads, full page popup ad many more.

  • Payment Method – e-check, Paypal, Bank Transfer
  • site
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