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Pay & Personnel Center, Customer Care Branch

The Pay & Personnel Center (PPC), Customer Care Branch (CCB) provides one-stop shopping for active duty and reserve pay, travel (including auxiliary and civilian travel) inquiries, and user support for TPAX and Direct Access. If you need help with a service provided by PPC, complete the Online Trouble Ticket form below.

Per ALCOAST 497/14 (Para. 3), customers are directed to contact their P&A Office for any errors or questions on pay and/or personnel issues. If the P&A Office cannot resolve it, the P&A Office is to contact the servicing SPO. If the serving SPO cannot resolve the issues, the SPO will contact PPC. Customers should not be contacting PPC directly for any pay or personnel issues. We will continue to reroute inquiries directly from customers back to the serving SPO, AND contact the servicing SPO Chief to inform them that the ticket was rerouted.

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Schedule for TPAX and Web TPAX Server Maintenance

In addition to any outages listed above PPC will be performing regular scheduled maintenance on the TPAX server the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month making TPAX unavailable from 2000 until approximately 2200 (Central Time). Please ensure you are not logged into the TPAX system during this time or you may lose any data you are working on when the maintenance begins.

Customer Service Hours

Direct Access, Travel and TPAX Customer Care
Call 866-PPC-USCG (772-8724)

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