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Few ideas to find Direct Advertiser for your blog:

There are numerous method by which you can earn money from your blog, and it starts from using ad network like AdSense or Chitika, or using Affiliate products on your blog. You can also use Sponsored reviews to earn great income and today you will be learning about another major money making method by most of the bloggers and i.e. Direct advertisements.

How to get Direct Advertisement

Most of the time when you use ad networks like Google AdSense or BuySellAds to place ads on your blog, you are typically paying a fees to them for finding advertiser for you. Typically this ranges from 25%-40%. Here is a simple calculation considering you lose 25% on selling ads via 3rd party network:

Lets say you are paid $1000 by different ad network you use on your blog and if you would not have lose 25% due to ad brokers, your total earning would be $1250. You are simply paying 25% to someone for finding advertisers for your blog.

This actually make sense when you are new to blogging and don’t have enough exposure. Once your blog have good traffic and great reachability, It’s time for you to leave the 3rd party advertiser and look out for direct advertisers. This way you will be earning more from the same ad space which you are selling via 3rd party.

In this guide I will share you tricks which will help you to get direct advertisement for your blog and your blog income will grow.

Must read:

Advertisement page or Media-kit:

One of the mistake which most of the bloggers are making is by ignoring the potential of their own blog as an advertiser magnet. Most of the time your readers are someone who is also a marketing and advertising head of other company in your niche. Having a prominent Advertise here (Media-kit page) will help you to get more advertisement without moving an inch. All you need is a page which reflects everything an advertiser need to make a decision of buying ads on your blog. I have listed down two best resource which you can refer to right now and make such page for your blog:

Check out relevant niche blogs

We all visit other blogs which are relevant to our blog’s niche. It is best place to find direct advertisers for your blog. Keep on checking what kind of sponsors other blogs are getting and try to approach those sponsors through mail. These sponsors already have experience with direct advertising, so there are more chances to get positive response from them.

Also Read:

Forums and directories

Forums and directories are good option to keep track how other bloggers are getting direct advertisements. Bloggers provide lots of useful tips on forums which will help you to get sponsors for your blog. You might get few advertisers who are looking forward for blogs to advertise their products.

Use Google

Many of us set Google as our homepage, we are used to search each and every minute thing and topics on Google then why not direct advertisers. Use Google to find direct advertisers for your blog. Use keywords relevant to your blogs and see what kind of advertising links or companies you’re getting. Approach them through mails or contact form on their website.

Social networking websites

Social networking websites are rocking these days. Advertisers, publishers, employers etc. are using social networking websites like twitter to find right blog and candidates according to their requirements. You can also tweet or post on Facebook about available Ad space on your blog. There are chances that you get good results from such websites.

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