How to Advertise your products online?

Google Adwords: How To Use It To Sell Your Products

Google Adwords generates the lion’s share of the company revenue. It is known as a “pay-per-click” (PPC) type of advertising which is meant to promote products created by individual entrepreneurs or large companies. The text ad that Google supplies for this service is a short headline comprised of 25 characters and another two lines which contain 35 characters. Advertisements that are image-based rather than text-based are usually one of a variety of Interactive Advertising Bureau standard sizes.

What is a Pay-Per-Click Advertisement?

As the one advertising the product or service, you choose which words you want to be displayed in order to receive as many hits as possible, along with the most you will pay Google per click. When someone does a Google search, these advertisements (called “creatives” in Google lingo) triggered by the word or words they have typed in the search bar appear on the right side of the screen, and occasionally above the results of the search. Statistical analysis reveals that a search result may return anywhere from no ads up to twelve ads.

Whenever someone clicks on your advertisement during a search, you (the advertiser) agree to pay Google a fee for this service. Search engines such as Google will have advertisers bid on a certain keyword phrases which directly pertain to their product market.

The more you bid, the more likely it will appear high up on the page. Merchants who implement the Google Adwords system in their marketing campaign will then have their ad shown whenever a keyword is used which matches the merchant’s keyword list they selected and submitted to Google’s adsense program. Those “sponsored” advertisements you see when performing a search is the result of an advertiser using the pay-per-click system.

How is the Ordering of Ads Determined?

Ordering of the ads on a webpage depends on the amount of the bid placed by an advertiser and the “quality score” of all the advertisements that pop up during a search. Google determines this quality score by taking into consideration the significance of the advertiser’s keyword phrase and text, the “historical” click-through rates (which relates to how many times the ad itself has been clicked) and whether the advertiser has an account in good standing. In addition, Google utilizes this quality score to establish the minimum bid for an advertiser’s keyword phrase.

Minimum bids are determined by the quality of the advertiser’s web page. Although Google has published guidelines regarding how they decide whether a blog is legitimate, the actual method they use to determine adequacy of keyword phrases is kept a secret and Google has been known to modify these parameters without giving specific reasons.

Features of Adwords

Frequency capping prevents ads from appearing over and over again to the same user who may be performing many searches on a specific topic. An advertiser can tell Google Adwords what they want that limit to be in regards to every day, week or month. Bombarding a consumer with the same advertisement each time they do a search for pet supplies, for example, can be irritating to a potential customer who may begin to think that this ad may not be trustworthy.

IP address exclusion allows advertisers to tell the adwords program which IP addresses they want to be excluded from their advertising operation. This is useful because it prevents unwanted clicks from occurring and can keep the advertiser’s payments to adwords to a minimum. In addition, IP address exclusions permits advertisers to only target those IP addresses considered to be potential customers of their product or service.

Adwords Can Help Sell Your Product

Using Google Adwords program has helped many businesses sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise and is proving to be an extremely popular method in promoting products and services. It takes less than an hour to set up your account with Google and begin implementing the system. Once you have registered with the program you will then be instructed to create your advertisement, choose your keyword phrase or phrases by referencing the Google keyword tool, and telling Google how much you would like to spend each day, along with how much you want to pay each time someone clicks your ad.

If you do not have a blog but work for a business, you can still use adwords by becoming an affiliate marketer and registering as a member of an affiliate program. Whenever someone clicks on the ad you create and orders something from the blog, you will automatically collect a commission from the sale.

This is where demographics and targeting a specific audience who will be more inclined to click your ad and make a purchase becomes vital to the success of your business. For example, consumers who live in rural areas of the country will not be interested in appliances which make apartment living more comfortable, but they will be interested in home repair products.

Depending on the merchandise you sell and the keyword phrases selected, you can make a lot of money easily and quickly. for example, if you choose to pay Google $1 every time someone clicks your ad, but can make two or three sales at $50 apiece per 50 clicks, you will have made a profit, or what is known as a significant “return on investment”. This transactions can potentially be completed several times a day or over a hundred times a day.

Entrepreneurs love the Adwords program because of its applicability and user-friendly interface. Anyone can initiate their own business using Adwords and, depending on how well a business is run, become a successful merchant. In addition to the features of Adwords, this program indirectly allows you to check whether the product you want to market stands a chance in today’s highly competitive market. If you run your advertisement for several weeks but get few hits, this may suggest that the product represents an unstable niche and that you may need to forget about this product and try selling something else.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t manage to get your advertisement placed on Google’s first page (or even second!). Competition for this space is incredibly fierce and you will probably not experience a surge of profits in the beginning. However, by studying how to optimize Adwords and learning how to use the various methods available which can drive loads of traffic to your blog (blogging, SEO writing), you can find yourself in the position of becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

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