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Book this presentation for your high school digital arts classroomA high school classroom presentation by FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

“Entertainment Marketing in the Digital Age” Summary: The entertainment marketing industry sets the bar for innovation, creativity, and visually compelling advertising campaigns in the digital age. Discover what it takes to develop entertainment promotional pieces in this presentation that explores the career of the Entertainment Graphic Designer and the Entertainment Digital Media Professional. This interactive presentation invites students to exercise their conceptual thinking skills while learning detailed film marketing methods and apply their knowledge to develop their own movie poster or movie trailer. This presentation has classroom handouts and support information.

Please contact the FIDM Speakers Bureau at 800-262-3436 to obtain handouts and support information. The handouts for your students may include preparatory and follow-up activities, a template, worksheets, quizzes, and vocabulary lists (where applicable). Support information includes state and national standards and a bibliography (where applicable).

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With four California campuses located in the heart of the fashion and entertainment industries, FIDM is a leading, accredited college offering specialized Associate of Arts and Bachelor’s of Arts degrees. FIDM has been educating students with creative and leadership skills for the global industries of fashion, visual arts, interior design, and entertainment for more than 45 years. Learn more at

The FIDM Digital Arts Blog is dedicated to professional and aspiring graphic designers and filmmakers, illustrating the range of career opportunities within these fields written by FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. See more at

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