Ads in Google

Remove unwanted ads

  • Locate and click the icon next to the ads in your Google Search results or the “Why this ad?” link next to the ads in your Gmail inbox.

    Icon in Google Search

    “Why this ad?” in Gmail
  • In the bubble that appears, click the "Ads Settings" link.
  • In Ads Settings, scan the list of advertisers in “Advertisers' campaigns you've blocked.” Block advertisers whom you don’t want to show you ads. You can block up to 500 advertisers.
  • When you block an advertiser, you’re blocking ads from the advertiser’s website. Some advertisers use multiple websites to advertise, so you may still see ads from the same advertiser until you’ve blocked all of their websites.

    If you use multiple computers, sign in to your Google Account when blocking advertisers so that your settings apply across multiple computers and browsers as long as you’re signed in.

    Mute ads you don’t want to see

    You can mute ads on the Display Network that you don't want to see. Muting an ad blocks it and other ads that use the same web URL (either the website domain or specific pages) purchased by the same advertiser from being shown to you. When possible, after an ad is muted, the ad fades away and the space previously occupied by the ad collapses smoothly, allowing the content surrounding the ad to fill the space.


    If you mute an ad for hiking boots from, you’ll be blocking ads from the website’s domain, including specific pages like and

  • Click in the top corner of the ad you want to mute
  • From the dropdown, click Stop seeing this ad
  • Still seeing an ad you’ve muted? This can happen, for example, if you’ve cleared your cookies, if you’re visiting a website outside of the Google Display Network, or if the advertiser is using another company to show the same ad. Also, if a website uses certain ad-serving technologies, not all ads will collapse when muted.

    Manage your ads settings

    Add or remove the interests and demographic details that are used to show you ads.

    Edit your interests

  • Below “Your interests, ” click +ADD NEW INTEREST.
  • To add interests: Type an interest in the search box and select the one you want. Then, click the Add button. See a complete list of ad interest categories.
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