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Adobe Marketing Cloud Drives Future of Programmatic Ad Buying

pk 3.5.1Digital advertising and marketing have become exceedingly complex through the introduction of more data sources, more customer touch points across channels and devices, and more choices for technology; all with the promise to help support this complex landscape. It’s challenging to keep up with all the changes, let alone make the right decisions for your business.

When marketers were asked what would enable them to make better use of data technology in support of marketing, 61 percent responded; better integration of our existing tools and improved processes for sharing data among various tools.

Adobe is addressing these challenges by bringing together advertising and marketing technologies for the first time through the Core Services in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Audience Core Services provides a direct connection between marketing technology and programmatic ad buying. Meaning, any segments built within Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, are all available for programmatic ad buying through Adobe Media Optimizer. In addition, the centralized data and audience management capabilities of the Adobe Marketing Cloud power dynamic creative and landing page optimization.

By merging marketing and advertising technology, Adobe is changing the programmatic landscape and making life easier for advertisers. Through these integrated solutions, we can reduce the disparate sets of technology and simplify the process of creating and executing campaigns, allowing advertisers to get back to running their business.

Adobe’s Programmatic Landscape

The Adobe Marketing Cloud powers the new programmatic offer with Audience Core Services and the Algorithmic Engine, allowing advertisers to connect massive audience and behavioral data from a broad range of sources, including CRM systems, websites, mobile and third party data providers.

Data powers the creation of rich and intelligent audience segmentation for activation across channels (display, search, social, email) and devices (mobile, tablet, PC). The ability to identify users across devices as they travel through the customer journey has become increasingly important with the average U.S. household now having 5.7 Internet-connected devices according to a 2013 study by the NPD Group. Audience management capabilities of the Adobe Marketing Cloud enable advertisers to build and target audiences more efficiently with new cross-device customer identification as consumers experience content across shared screens at home.

Advertisers can evaluate and purchase anonymous third-party data through Adobe’s new Audience Marketplace. Advertisers have access to demographic data like age, gender, lifestyle interest and business attributes like job function, industry, and income to better personalize their messaging across programmatic channels. In addition, the new Audience Marketplace allows advertisers to share data with partners, and sell and share their anonymous first party data.

pk 3.5.3Data enables the automated buying and bid decisioning across channels and devices, algorithmic bid and performance optimization and enables the delivery of dynamic creative experiences across channels. For example with the Adobe Marketing Cloud an advertiser can deliver a personalized, consistent and relevant creative experience on their website and across display, social, search and email channels.

Direct Integration Between Analytics and Programmatic Ad Buying

Announced today at Adobe Summit, Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) Display is now allowing customers to reach their audience segments programmatically via Adobe Analytics across the web with display ads. Advertisers can now reach high-value site visitors (abandoners, product page visitors) leveraging the same logic they used to build their Analytics segments (visitors, views, time, rules, include, exclude, nesting logic). Coming later this year, additional integrations will enable advertisers to reach Adobe Campaign (email recipients) and Adobe Target (site optimization) audience segments in programmatic display.

Our customers have been telling us that they love to use insights from Adobe Analytics to inform their ad buying strategies. AMO Display already integrates with Analytics for engagement metrics in its display performance reports; this allows an advertiser to see metrics like bounce rate, time on site, number of pages viewed, and consider those metrics when optimizing display ad creative, offers, and landing pages. Here is what some of our customers are already saying:

“We saw better results with AMO because we leveraged our Adobe Analytics engagement metrics to optimize our campaigns. The AMO display platform allows us to better define the target audiences and deliver more relevant targeted messages, and as a result drive better performance.” Nurullo Makhmudov, Director, Online User Experience and Strategic Initiatives, Sears Canada

“The primary benefit from using Adobe for our programmatic display buys, as well as analytics, is the opportunity to integrate that data to see a more accurate ROI and make smarter advertising decisions.“ Katy Wortham, Digital Marketing Manager,

Customers using AMO for cross channel programmatic ad buying (display, search, social), including those leveraging Adobe Marketing Cloud audience segments, have the ability to track the path to conversion across channels, get insights from attribution reporting, and drive better performance from cross channel optimization.

AMO Display Customers Will Have Access to Creative Assets from Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) is rolling out an integration with the Asset Sharing Core Cervice of the Adobe Marketing Cloud at the Adobe Summit. AMO customers will be able to access synched creative assets from the Adobe Creative Cloud or those that have been uploaded directly to the Adobe Marketing Cloud from the AMO user interface. Core Service allows Marketing Cloud customers to store, share, and sync creative assets across their Adobe solutions.

AMO customers will be able to get creative assets directly from the Cloud through a seamless experience without having to leave the AMO workflow.

Scaling Programmatic Ad Buying

In addition to integrations with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, AMO Display is scaling its programmatic ad buying capabilities.

  • Private exchange support – AMO is already integrated with the top industry ad exchanges for media buying at scale across the web. Now, we are offering private exchange support through our partners Google Ad Exchange and Index Exchange (formerly Casale Media). Private exchanges are sometimes referred to as private auctions, private marketplaces, invitation-only auctions, deal ID support, and other industry terms.

With a private exchange, advertisers can have “first look” (or first option to buy) access to unique premium inventory. For example, if an advertiser wants to reach premium inventory to reach specific audiences, or for inventory quality or brand safety reasons they now have the option to do so.

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