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Bruce Clay, Inc.’s full-service PPC management is an ongoing program focusing on managing the effectiveness of bids, budget and media. Our pay per click services are based upon the needs of each client and involve detailed analysis, the use of our PPCToolSet software, and extensive tuning and optimization services. When you work with us, your dedicated analyst will drive the project and provide all changes and recommendations on a technical and strategic level.

Attached to each project is resource staff, as needed, to accomplish the project goals. Common skill sets consist of trainers, copywriters, marketing, PPC/SEM, analytics pros, social media practitioners and strategy consultants. Based upon the changing needs of the project, all roles are available to support your projects.

Pay-Per-Click and CPA Optimization Management Service Fees

We have a pricing structure designed to fit your needs. The program structure produces performance and promotes knowledge transfer, as we manage your account. Call for a quote at 866-517-1900 today. Our services are comprehensive and focus on Cost-Per-Action (CPA) optimization management, commonly maintaining your budget while lowering the cost for each click in proportion to the return on that item, recalculated by our PPCToolSet 48 times each day. This is a MASSIVE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!

Our PPC services are focused on search, display and mobile network advertising as offered by Google, Bing and others. Our pay-per-click management services also integrate powerful paid search tools to maximize efficiency and ROI.

More PPC Services

As part of each PPC advertisement management service program, we perform a great number of tasks, including:

  1. Define campaign strategies: After the account has been established, we’ll define campaign(s) and ad group(s) set up.
  2. Advanced keyword research and selection: Whether you have an existing pay-per-click Internet advertising campaign or not, we perform keyword research as a best practice to ensure the campaigns are employing the appropriate keywords.
  3. Creative development: Our pay-per-click management includes custom, compelling, effective and creative writing when developing the ad text (titles and descriptions). Using our best practices, we will create text ads in order to attract the searchers attention with compelling content that highlights unique selling points or special offers. Our ads take users to relevant landing pages to help maximize click-through and conversion rates.
  4. Identify landing pages that convert: We identify the best existing destination or recommend improvements to facilitate site-level conversion.
  5. Implement campaign conversion tracking: We will work with your staff in generating codes to aid in tracking conversions from your pay-per-click marketing campaign.
  6. Advertisement submission: We will upload and submit the keywords and associated creative for approval by the search engines' sponsored search programs.
  7. PPC account settings: We will establish and monitor the numerous account settings such as daily max spend, match type, countries and more, to maximize business goals.
  8. PPC bid management and ROI tracking: We will monitor and adjust the cost-per-click (CPC) bid for bid positions that yield the best return on client for each ad group or keyword in your campaign(s) to conform to your defined business objectives. Your CPC bid refers to the amount you pay for a click on your ad when the ad appears on the search network or partner sites.
  9. Our PPCToolSet will be implemented to optimize CPA's for your keywords. This is cutting-edge technology that adapts to the competition, bids, and return on each keyword 48 times each day. Imagine lowering your cost per action on your PPC budget by half or better - call us for details!
  10. PPC monthly analysis: We perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions and performance trends. We develop a written document and then hold a conference call to discuss previous month activities and next steps.
  11. Campaign Assessment and Recommendations: We will suggest and implement ad campaign improvement, including changes to ad copy (title/description), keyword list modifications to improve Quality Score and bid adjustments.
  12. Creative testing and optimization: We will perform periodic testing of new ad creative (titles and descriptions), and revised call to actions.
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