Google Campaign Management

Become a DoubleClick Campaign

  • Basic information for new users: Just getting started? With the DCM Fundamentals eLearning and Certification, this is your first step toward mastering DoubleClick Campaign Manager.
  • Implementation guide: Learn how to structure your new account or advertiser.
  • QA and troubleshooting: Find out how to address and resolve common issues.
  • Advanced topics: Learn about advanced tracking, Google Tag Manager integration, and more.
  • Rich Media: Get tips and best practices for trafficking DoubleClick Rich Media in your DoubleClick Campaign Manager account.

Since DCM Academy covers a lot of material, we’ve set it up so you can track your progress.

The core curriculum: DCM Fundamentals eLearning and Certification

DCM Fundamentals covers key concepts, including:

  • Ad serving basics
  • How to use the DoubleClick Campaign Manager interface
  • Account structure and administration
  • Step-by-step ad trafficking instructions
  • Creating Floodlight tags for conversion tracking
  • Best practices for managing ads, placements, & creative
  • An overview of reporting

Access DCM Fundamentals through the Training page in the Help Center.
If you're an existing DFA customer, you can continue to use DFA Academy and Fundamentals eLearning for online training. Contact your account manager about upgrading to DoubleClick Campaign Manager today.
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