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Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and AdWords is Google’s system for purchasing and managing Pay-per-Click (PPC) Ad Campaigns.

Any search on Google produces two types of results: natural search results and paid search results. Natural results are the links to websites relevant to the search keywords entered, listed in order by how Google indexes them. Although they are free, it can often be difficult to get your website listed in a useful position in natural search, even when using multiple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Paid search results, however, allow you to get listed on the first page of results with little effort. Using AdWords, you can set bid amounts on different search keywords. When those keywords are entered into Google, the ads appear above and to the right of the natural results, listed in order by bid. You only pay for the ad if someone clicks on it, guaranteeing that your money is being spent on driving traffic to your real estate website.

Search Network vs. Display Network

Google offers two main networks where your PPC ads can appear: Search and Display. The Search Network includes Google Search and other websites running search engines powered by Google. The Display Network includes thousands of websites who have partnered with Google to display ads.

Although you can use AdWords to fine-tune the Display network sites you want your ads to appear on, the Search Network will generally provide you with more clicks from qualified leads.

What types of ads can I display on Google?

Google ads are generally text-only, but on specific Display Network sites you have the option to also display image, video, and rich-media (Flash) ads.

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Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Los Angeles CA Call 951-473-6577
Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Los Angeles CA Call 951-473-6577
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
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