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Yes, searchers “click on the ads” when they use search engines. And yes, PPC advertising works. But only when done right. Why do we think you need a world-class PPC agency to handle it? There are a lot of variables to consider in an effective PPC marketing campaign. Take match types, for example. Three of the five match types in Google AdWords can have your ads showing up against literally an infinite number of user queries (yikes, if you’re paying for ineffective clicks).

One of those match types is often a huge source of problems. And finally, there is one match type that helps you filter out inappropriate queries, but in itself, it has three sub-match types and must be used with the correct strategy. The permutations are potentially endless: unlimited keywords, the need to optimize landing pages, the need to choose among multiple types of ad rotation, how to predict searcher intent, the need to understand where in the buy cycle buyers are, and much more.

For the past 12 years, we’ve been delivering solid PPC campaign management services to clients across Canada & the US. We have a few clients in the UK and around the globe as well!

  • Advertiser competition is fierce.
  • Only advertisers who skillfully optimize every campaign segment will succeed over the long term.

Just showing up isn’t good enough to maximize volume and ROI in this channel. You need experts on your side to help you win the paid search marketing game! Contact us today for a free quote.

PPC Campaign Management Services

Our approach, in a nutshell:

  • We design customized PPC campaign strategy for your company, and iterate & perfect it over time. We never employ cookie-cutter approaches.
  • Most advertisers start with Google AdWords, but Bing Ads and other platforms round out the strategy.
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