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Best CPC Ad Networks And Adsense Alternatives 2015

Making money online is the wish of every webmaster or blogger but we all know a fact that it is not that much easy as it seems to be. There are various methods to earn online and indulging in PPC or CPC ad networks which stands for Cost Per Click is a good idea for sure.
PPC means Pay Per Click which means you will be paid every time someone will click on the ad shown on your site. The payouts of all the ad publishers are different, ranging from few cents to $15 even for a single click, doesn’t it sounds good? Yes it is but as I mentioned earlier it is not that much easy as it seems to be. Here in this article I will tel you more about the best CPC ad networks which you can join and start earning.

1.) Google Adsense :-

Is there any blogger who hasn’t heard of Google Adsense ? I don’t think there will be any an if by chance there is then that particular person is not a blogger. It is said owning an Adsense is a dream of every blogger and webmaster. Adsense rates varies according to relevant and irrelevant ads shown on the live page of your website.It’s CPC rate vary from $0.02 – $15, depending upon the location of the visitor and the niche of the blog. It shows the ads on your browser according to your interest. How ? I was recently searching for wireless mouse on Amazon and after that I came to my website for checking out something, there I saw one of the three ads was showing mouse ads from Amazon, so it does take care of the visitors interest. Here are some key points about it :

Highest paying PPC ad network.
Really hard to get Adsense approved on your website.
Minimum payout is $100 via check or wired transfer.

2.) Bidvertiser –

Again unfortunately if you got your website approved by Adsense and Media.net then here is another one best PPC ad network for you. As compared to other small ad networks its CPC are best as the type of advertising techniques it uses are like Pop ups, banners and typing type ads, CPC rates vary from $0.02-$5.

* Good performance if you have got a good traffic.
* Getting approved is a lot more easier, in fact you can be sure up to some extent that you will be approved.
* Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal or checks.

3.) Media.net Ads :-

After Adsense its Media.net, one of the best alternative to Adsense. The CPC rates of this network is also good as compared to the others. It has become more popular among advertisers and publishers within a very few years and has gained its place in the advertising networks. Unfortunately if you could not get your Adsense approved then this is the network for which you should try.

* Easy approval as compared to Adsense.
* Both Adsense and Media.net ads can be used on the same website to earn more revenue from your content.
* Approval demands high quality content and traffic from the regions like US/UK/Canada.
* Minimum payout is $250 via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

4.) Chitika Ads –

This is one is also famous among bloggers. These accept only organic traffic, which means you will earn a good revenue only if your most of the traffic is from search engines. Another one good alternative for Adsense. Chitika also allows you to be a part of referring programs, you can refer other for using Chitika ad network and will earn 10% of the Refer publisher review for 10 months.

* Don’t require that much to get approved, very very easily approved.
* Can use it with Adsense and media.net as well.
* minimum payout $10 via PayPal and $50 via checks.

5.) Infolinks Ads –

Its Infolinks. It is an In-text link based CPC ad network. If you have a text rich website or a blog then you may go for it. You don’t require any space for placing the ads, the ad will be included in the text of your content just like a link, so this one is an advantage as you can use other ad network’s banner along with it without making your site appearing congested.

* Getting approved is very easy, hardly a site is refused.
* Minimum payout is $50 via PayPal or wire transfer.

6.) Clicksor Ads :-

Another one of the best alternative for CPC/PPC ad networks. It supports in-text based and banner ads. It is popular among advertisers and publishers. Clicksor is BId based CPC and CPM ad network. It is quite obvious as being on the 6th spot it will offer less CPC as compared to above ones with Google Adsense being on the top as usual. Apart from CPC ad network it also provides you reference programs which means if you refer anyone to use Clicksor ads then you will earn 10% revenue from the publisher you refer for using Clicksor.

* Minimum Payout is $50 from Paypal or check.

* Fast approval system.

So these were the Top 5 Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency or Companies through which you can make money online.Although there are a lot of CPC Ad networks online which you may find regarding PPC or CPC ( Cost per click ) but these are the best 5, and you can assure yourself that you will be approved for these, so no need to move onto other ad networks and make your site look confusing with ads shown everywhere.

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