Best Ways To Advertise online

7 Better Ways to Promote Online

I was just at Sunday brunch with someone I consider to be one of the best at online promotion. At 28 years old, this amazing entrepreneur has built a profitable $30 million+ business from ground up, without the help of venture capital, advertising agencies, SEO firms, or PR firms.

Michele Romanow, Founder and CEO of Buytopia, has quickly expanded this daily deal business on her own ability to self-promote in effective and efficient ways. Her 2, 000, 000+ Canadian subscribers are loyal and growing.

1. Keep Your Branding Simple and Consistent

Most people try to explain too much or sell too much from the outset. Michele focused on a simple message and a simple approach for both her merchants and her customers. Once she dialed in the branding, she stuck with it and promoted it consistently across all channels.

For Personal Promotion: Don't try to be all things to all people. Figure out who you want to be-in a way that fits with your desired future-and put that clearly and succinctly out into the universe … a lot!

2. Drive Online Traffic With Offline Promotion

Michele couldn't afford to spend a ton of money in the early days, so she looked to less expensive, more traditional advertising sources like print or radio instead of online resources. Then she came up with aggressive promotions, such as limited time offers with big savings, to drive immediate traffic to the website.

For Personal Promotion: Find creative ways to get your message out. If you have a small following, send personal snail mail, which has a high open rate. Then you can get the people you know coming to see what you have to offer online. Make sure you give personal value in every communication, even if it’s just knowledge or entertainment.

3. Tell Your Own Best Stories

It's necessary to have others talking about you, but you need to make sure they’re saying the right things in the right way. Tell your compelling stories often and passionately so they’re memorable and transferable. Michele warns against leaving your story to mercenary people who are only in it for the money.

For Personal Promotion: Spend some time crafting your personal story to make it entertaining. Then let your profile, blog and posts reinforce the highlights. Don't be boring or self-indulgent.

4. Leverage Other Influencers

Even though Michele is a great storyteller, she couldn’t tell everyone herself. So she made a point early on of recruiting and sustaining brand ambassadors to expand her reach. She targeted people who were already active online and made them an official Inner Circle of Buytopia users. The Inner Circle members get priority access to new products, special exclusive deals and other perks encouraging them to spread the word.

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