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Google Ads Outnumber Free Clicks by 2 to 1

What are Google Ads?

what are google ads

Google advertisements are strategically placed along the page to attract attention from the searcher. This is done so that companies can better promote their product on the internet.

What is Keyword Intent?

Keyword intent consist of keywords that are used to target searchers that are most likely to have interest in your product. It is the basic approach to matching the keywords of your product with the searchers intention.

What are sponsored ads on Google?

Sponsored results account for 64.6% of click for high commercial intent keyword searches. Sponsored advertisements rank higher on the search results page than organic searches and take up 85.2% of the above-the-fold pixels.

What is click through rate (CTR)?

CTR is a type of measurement to determine the success of an advertisement campaign on a search engine page. It is a ratio that displays how frequently searchers who view your ad then click on your site.

What is an average CTR?

Average CTR is the rate of which searchers will click on your site page on average. This is a strong indication of which advertisements are working and which ones aren't meeting the average standard rate.

What is average CTR for Facebook?

Facebook does not publish its average CTR, but independent analysis from Webtrends on more than 11, 000 Facebook campaigns showed that the average CTR for Facebook ad in 2010 was 0.051% which apparently has dropped from their 0.063% in 2009.

What is average CTR for Google ads?

The average CTR of an ad on the Google display network is 0.4%. Recently total CTR for Google ads on high commercial intent queries are up to 600 times higher than the CTR for ads on a typical Facebook page.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google's online advertising program that allows businesses to reach new customers as they search the internet.

Benefits of Google AdWords?

The benefits of Google AdWords range depending on your product or business. Generally companies gain better exposure when advertising with Google AdWords and this exposure then increases their clientele.

How to advertise on Google?

Businesses can advertise on Google by registering their company with a Google AdWords account with the objective of gaining more clientele.

How much does search engine optimization (SEO) cost?

The cost of SEO may vary between the services needed per customer and the services provided. It can also vary dependant on whether your company hires an SEO consultant or a full time SEO wiz, either way the value of a company enhancing the promotion of their product is worth the price.

Does SEO work?

SEO works to increase the ranking on your company on a search page based on a search query that matches your advertised keywords. The better the SEO on a page the more frequently it will appear as a result of searches.

How does SEO work?

Proper SEO utilizes keywords that are relevant to your business, already have high traffic volume and are qualified to produce conversion. Once this is established keywords are embedded in the text as well as variations that are associated with keywords for product promotion this way once a search query is conducted the search engine will pick up your site based on your keyword material.

Does PPC work?

PPC is beneficial for high commercial intent keyword, people type "toaster oven reviews" into a search they are trying to buy products or services. PPC thrives on engaging ad formats that drive high click-through rates and ROI.

How does PPC work?

PPC works by advertisers focusing ads to their target searchers on a site engine. The fee that the advertiser pays is based on the amount of clicks that each advertisement receives.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing allows companies to track site visitors with a cookie and chase them around the web, displaying relevant banner ads until they click and convert.

What are chat ads?

Chat ads prompt viewers to open a chat window with a sales guy to the leads while they are still fresh.


SEO is beneficial for a searcher with a question or provides informational keywords whereas PPC targets more high commercial intent keywords used by searchers who are trying to buy products or services.

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