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How to Efficiently Transition Ownership and Successfully Optimize a Large PPC Account

Until now, there was no roadmap to help individuals and search engine marketing (SEM) firms successfully inherit and optimize a large-scale pay-per-click (PPC) account. Numerous publications have surfaced about creating PPC campaigns from scratch, but inheriting and enhancing a pre-existing account requires an entirely different skill set.

Optimizing a pre-existing PPC campaign requires a different mode of thought as well. PPC accounts are actually quite fragile, and if you come in and try to fix everything at once, you will be the proverbial raging bull in a china shop, regardless of your best intentions. You need to gain your footing within the account quickly and make methodical changes that will help you make the biggest progress at the fastest pace-while not disrupting, or even hindering, the campaign’s performance.

As a search marketing expert, you need to be able to take a pre-existing PPC account, “stop the bleeding, ” and “heal” the account quickly and efficiently-and then take the account to the next level. This document lays out a plan to help you do just that.

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