How to Buy keywords?

How to become more profitable, with less effort, by utilizing “buying” keywords.

buying keywords with intentI am going to go over my own step by step process that I personally use on my profitable nutritional supplement business to maximize results in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort.

Typical Scenario:

Some guy, we’ll call him Jason, goes and gets a “natural depression supplement” manufactured in China. He wants to sell it all online using SEO.

So, like 99% of everyone else he goes to google keyword tool, and types in “depression”. He notices that those keywords alone are showing a combined total of over one million searches each month.

He gets super excited seeing all that traffic. “If I can only get 1% of the market to buy, I’ll be rich”, he thinks. He frolics off with glee and starts building links to the top 3 keywords.

So what happens? 9 times out of 10 he gives up a few months in with little to show for his efforts. He realizes the competition is too hard, and it’s going to take far too long and a huge budget to ever get traction.

The result? His girlfriend leaves him, the bank takes his car, the cat starts eating at the neighbors house, and now some Chinese Triad hit man is out searching for his money. ALL because Jason did not utilize longtail link building. Do I have your attention? GOOD!

My Process: Utilize Buying Keywords.

What are “buying” keywords?
These are keywords where the visitor will have a purchasing intent.

I don’t care about the 1, 000 random visitors that stroll through my site seeking information, I only care about the 15 that come through, credit card in hand, ready to make my bank account grow larger. At the end of the day, those are the only visitors that really matter.

Ok, that makes sense, so what do I do?
Worry not my young Padawan, it’s simple

Step 1: Utilize Buying Keywords.

You should use keywords with commercial intent. This includes phrases such as “buy”, “purchase”, “order”, etc. These kw’s are especially good in retail settings where you are selling something such as ipad cases or leather jackets.

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