Cost per View

Cost-Per-View (CPV) Bidding for Video Views

On June 30th, we began testing a new bidding option for video advertisers on Facebook. Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding is now available to all advertisers globally and is designed for those who value price certainty for video views or value video views as their primary performance metric.

Please note that we still recommend our current brand buying capabilities, which include reach and frequency buying and auction optimized for video views (oCPM), as the best methods of buying optimal reach and driving brand impact.


  • Our CPV bidding option is a 10-second bidding option. Advertisers will be buying 10-second views and is designed for those who value price certainty for video views or value video views as their primary performance metric.
  • CPV is available only through the video views objective and auction.
  • For the vast majority of brand marketers, auction optimized for video views, the brand awareness objective and/or buying via reach and frequency are the most optimal bidding options. These options are the best way to predict and control delivery, which we know enhance brand metrics and maximize ROI.
  • We also understand that delivering a brand’s full message is important to our advertisers as well. For advertisers who prioritize view duration, CPV bidding is likely the right choice for them. Please note that, similar to other auction buys, CPV bidding will not have the predictability and control that a reach and frequency campaign will have.
  • We will be adding the following metrics to our Ad Insights: 10-Second Views, Cost Per 10-Second Video Views


  • If your client has specifically requested CPV bidding or you feel it is important to proactively reach out to them, you may do so at your discretion
  • Integrate CPV buying into your interfaces and educate your sales team on when to use CPV bidding vs. oCPM for Video Views or Reach and Frequency
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