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Top Ten Ways to Advertise your Website for Free

Congratulations on your new website! You have made the hard choice to invest in your business online, and you should be commended.

Now, as you get comfortable with your new business tool, you will find out that you have to get people to come to your website.

Ignore this at your own peril.

Unlike the Ray Kinsella in the Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come” does not apply to websites.

There are many things you can do to get people to your website, but most of them cost money. However, there are several ways you can utilize free methods to get traffic to your website.

Business Card. Make sure your business cards have your website address listed. It may be time to update your stock of business cards with the domain of your brand new shiny email address (we do business cards too!).

Email Signature. This is often a forgotten piece of real estate. A business email should include a signature, and, you can add your business website address to that signature. It is a reminder to your clients and potential clients where they can find you online.

Facebook profile. This is a highly visible area. The average Facebook user has over 400 "friends." Add your website address to your Facebook profile so your friends know where to find you. Better yet, set up a Facebook page for your company with that domain centrally located. Pleth can help you get started.

LinkedIn profile. Most business owners and professionals have a LinkedIn profile so that they can connect and network. Make sure your business web address is clear on your profile. Just like Facebook, you can set up a page for your company and add your web address there too.

Twitter profile. You have space by your name to add what matters. Your business web address matters.

Chamber of Commerce. Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? Often, local chambers have an online directory which includes the web address of the chamber member. Contact your chamber to make sure your web addresses are included in your listing.

Local online business directory. There may be other online business directories in town, sometimes offered by other businesses such as real estate companies or internet service providers. Often they will add them for free. If there is a popular one in your town, find out if they will include your business website.

Press release. If you send out press releases, include our website address with all of your pertinent information. If your website is brand new, you might even consider creating a press release for your new tool.

Sign. Do you have a sign at your place of business? Why not make sure that your web address is on the sign?

YouTube. Do you make short videos about your products or services and upload them to YouTube? Make sure that you include your website address.

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