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In another year I shall be able to begin advertising ferrets for sale in the sporting papers.On the white pages I grouped Sunday-School cards and advertising cards which I had brought from my `old country.These buildings, made of brick and stained with innumerable layers of Packingtown smoke, were painted all over with advertising signs, from which the visitor realized suddenly that he had come to the home of many of the torments of his life.Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.It seems to me that some other way of advertising it might be devised, which would be just as conspicuous and yet not so trying to the proprieties.

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But I only mean to say that there are advertising offices, and that by applying to them I should have no doubt of very soon meeting with something that would do.A village has generally several of these walking newspapers, as they are termed by the whites, who go about proclaiming the news of the day, giving notice of public councils, expeditions, dances, feasts, and other ceremonials, and advertising anything lost.The risk of advertising her as able to sail without ballast is not great, since the statement does not imply a warranty of her arriving anywhere.The old chap had been advertising in the London papers for Harry Hagberd, and offer- ing rewards for any sort of likely information.Here you are, Peterson, run down to the advertising agency and have this put in the evening papers.The advertising sheet was folded uppermost, and he read the seductive words: "Trips to the West: Reduced Rates.Sits up at nights, when he ought to be sleeping or studying his part, thinking out new schemes for advertising the show.

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