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PPC Management Software: Why You Need Strategic Automation

needs to do more than provide automated bids and results reports. WordStream offers campaign organization tools such as keyword suggestion, keyword grouping and ad text creation, all in an easy-to-use interface that integrates with your Google AdWords account, making your AdWords management process easier than ever before.


  • Keeps you organized and informed
  • Helps you take the next step
  • Offers strategic automation of mundane tasks so you can put your efforts where they’re most needed

Let's look at why marketing software that offers strategic automation is essential to being able to build a pay-per-click campaign to its full potential.

Pay-Per-Click Management – Where and When to Automate

Automation can streamline your workflow and help you make the best of your time and money when it comes to PPC campaigns. Automate too much, however, and the opposite becomes true. Good PPC management software knows which tasks to automate and which to leave up to you. You need a balance of automation and control over major decisions. WordStream understands this delicate balance and automates only the most mundane and laborious tasks in PPC management, leaving you in control of your data and more organized as a result.

Tasks like discovering new long-tail keywords, finding ways to organize them into groups, and simplifying the multi-step ad creation process are a few of the ways in which WordStream helps you to automate intelligently. When it comes to deciding which keywords stay or go, however, or how you'd like to word your ad text, WordStream leaves this control in your hands.

How to Prevent Disorganization In Your PPC Management Solutions

When dealing with thousands of keywords, or even millions, as in PPC affiliate marketing, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. If an effective pay-per-click management solution isn’t in place, you can become rapidly disorganized until your campaign fails because you're no longer in control of your data, and therefore no longer able to make effective decisions about how to use it.

Having everything integrated in a single interface keeps everything in one place, even if your data is from multiple sources. WordStream integrates with Google AdWords, but all data and decision making is contained within WordStream so you never have to feel disorganized in your PPC marketing strategy.

With WordStream's PPC tools, keywords are organized and efficiently managed from the moment they’re imported into the program. With streamlined keyword grouping, WordStream files your keywords away into multi-tiered groups for easy ad creation and easy reference.

PPC Management Software Suggestions

New keywords are automatically filed into their appropriate groups, and you can filter what you don’t want with WordStream’s segmentation tools, keeping things clutter-free and organized when you’re ready to create and monitor your pay per click ads.

Where to Go Next – PPC Management Suggestions

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