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The Perks of Being a Google Partner

Google Adwords BadgeBeing a Google Badged Partner is something that we work hard to maintain at all times. All Web Promotion is honored to be able to feature this badge on our website, social media accounts, business cards and promotional material. There are certain requirements that we, as an agency must reach and maintain in order to remain a partner. But there are also perks that we receive, and are able to pass onto our clients as well.

Google Badged Partners must attain and maintain the following requirements on a consistent basis:

Partners must create a company profile that includes their name, website, contact information, services and detailed information. Along with this information, agencies are able to set guidelines based on spend minimums for their clients.


In order to be a badged partner, you must complete certain certifications both as a company, and individually as employees. Each year, we are tested on specific advertising types, and the fundamentals of AdWords. These certification exams not only allow us to be a badged partner, but they enable us to be more knowledgeable on all things Google so that we are better able to assist our clients.

Spend Requirements

Agencies must meet a spend requirement across all of the managed accounts in order to maintain the badged status. These spend thresholds are based on the agency account, not the actual client accounts. The minimums are not only a specific spend, but also the account length. Having an agency with more history provides Google with more data, and is evident to all clients that you have an honest, upstanding reputation.

Best Practices

Google feels that they maintain a certain level of customer satisfaction, and for that reason, they require that their partners do the same. As a badged partner, we are held to a higher standard than some other agencies. For that reason, Google will monitor our customer service, our client satisfaction, performance, and client retention; among other things. These standards ensure that we are not only giving our clients a good return on their investment, but also that we are upholding the Google name.

While it may appear that there are a lot of hoops that agencies must jump through to be granted “Google Badged Partner” status, you may actually be on to something there! Google wants to ensure they are holding us to a high standard. They do not throw their name out to just anyone; they first want to ensure that there are good people, and good agencies that represent them. And most importantly, because we jump through these hoops, we are able to pass along certain perks to our clients.

Google Partner Events

Frequently we are invited to host events for current and potential clients in conjunction with Google. These events typically include a video presentation by Google and cover a plethora of topics, but tend to highlight the features of using Google within your business and detailing how Google is best able to help you grow your business. Plus, they send us some pretty cool Google swag to share with you guys!

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