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Online marketing is a data dynamo. There is more tracking software, spreadsheets, and metrics than most people can manage. It’s technology’s blessing: information on everything. And technology’s curse: figuring out the software takes more time than its capability to produce data saves.

It becomes a question of value add: Do our data metrics identify strengths and weaknesses? Are the metrics we track part of larger plan to increase revenue? Can we track our investments and expected returns?

What does this spreadsheet mean? A 42 page report–are you kidding?

Does anybody know what the hell’s going on?

You may have felt this frustration with SEO. If you choose the right keyword phrases, high rankings are actually an easy metric to achieve. Your SEO pro touts their success at getting you to page one! Look at this line graph! But when you look at your bottom line you don’t see a difference.

It’s like hitting a few good shots during a round of golf. If you hacked the rest of the time, the final score is going to show it.

And it’s the final score that counts. Either you’re winning in a competitive landscape or being handed your hat.

Data Drives Conversions

Marketing 360® has three primary goals:

  1. To create a software platform where pertinent online marketing data–from all resources–is available in one easy to access tool.
  2. To aggregate data so that it’s focused on specific marketing goals, and to use data to build on success.
  3. To create an all-in-one, hybrid solution where software is combined with human expertise.

We’re not interested in bombarding you with useless metrics. We don’t tout our success–unless you share in it. Business marketing is an investment. Marketing 360® is a tool that tracks your return on that investment over time.

The All-In-One Internet Marketing Solution

Marketing 360® is the only internet marketing platform available that is more than software. It’s an all-in-one platform that also includes marketing experts, developers, designers, content writers, and video production.

We created a hybrid, true all-in-one marketing platform for one reason: the software can track the data, but it takes people to analyze it and improve campaigns over time. The data is a game plan, but you need people to play–and play to win.

Not to mention that your customers are not algorithms developed by search engineers at Google. They are people, and in the end it’s people’s behavior we must understand.

When you start with that goal, the data immediately takes on new significance.

There are other “all-in-one” marketing solutions out there that are actually only the software platform. It’s up to you to set it up and figure out if it works. It’s up to you to make modifications to your campaigns based on the data. With Marketing 360®, you also work with marketing experts who understand your business and target audience. They make improvements by seeing the entire landscape, 360 degrees. That’s where the real ROI is.

Make sure your all-in-one marketing solution includes the one thing that really matters: getting more conversions.

Marketing 360® is the only affordable, internet marketing solution that has you covered. We look forward to working with you!

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