Online Marketing Checklist

The Online Marketing Checklist to End All Checklists

Ever get confused with the gazillions of marketing books and articles out there? Ever wanted someone to just lay out for you simple steps to take to beef up your online marketing and generate more business?

Here’s just the thing to help. It’s a book called a “checklist.” But the word checklist hardly does it justice. After all, how many checklists do you see that are 219 pages?

Consider it the online marketing checklist to end all checklists.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with Stoney deGeyter’s book,

What’s in the Book

Stoney deGeyter is the CEO of Pole Position Marketing, who’s been sharing his expertise online for years. He writes not just for other marketers and professionals, but for non-technical entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And that is why I highly recommend his book.

This book features a comprehensive checklist for actions to take to get your Web presence in tip-top shape and rack up more sales. Consider the book a complete checklist of best practices for online marketing and your website.

Why You Should Read “The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!”

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