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Newspapers compete with online advertisers.Newspapers compete with online advertisers.

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Finding effective ways to advertise products and services is one of the most difficult challenges small businesses face. Online and print advertising are two common forms of promotion, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Many companies advertise both online and in print media to diversity their promotional mix.


One of the biggest differences between online advertising and print advertising is the scope of advertisements. A single website or Web ad can potentially reach customers anywhere in the world. The circulation of newspapers and magazines and the logistics of sending direct mailings to customers limits the number of consumers that print advertisements can reach. This means online advertising can potentially reach more customers in more places and allow small companies to do business far outside their local area.

Reaching Specific Consumers

Small businesses often operate in market niches that appeal to specific types of customers or consumers located in specific areas. Print advertisements are useful for targeting ads to localized areas. For example, a company that operates in a small town could advertise in a local newspaper or other local publication to reach customers that are actually in its vicinity. Websites such as social networks track user locations and other personal information, which can allow businesses to make targeted online advertisements.

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Connecting With Customers

Advertisements must connect with customers and convince them to make a purchase. Internet users often spend a few seconds or less on a Web page before browsing elsewhere, which can make it difficult for an advertisement to catch their attention. In addition, Web users can install ad-blocking software to prevent ads from appearing on websites. Readers may spend several minutes reading each page of a newspaper or magazine, which gives advertisements more time to connect with customers and influence decisions.


Online advertisers allow businesses to set spending limits on ads, which lets small businesses spend precisely according to their budget. For example, a self-employed photographer could choose to buy $50 worth of online advertisements a month. Print advertisements can be expensive - a single print ad in a local newspaper and or magazine can cost more than $100. However, a single print ad can reach hundreds of customers, while online advertisers often charge clients for each ad click. Although print ads are more costly per advertisement, they can be equally cost-effective in terms of how many sales they bring in per dollar spent.

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