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Fans of Coca-Cola—and the Mad Men finale—are getting a nice treat today. The soda company just announced that it has remastered and color-corrected its famous 1971 commercial "Hilltop" for 4K television.

But one hotel group, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is going a step further. It's ditching photos entirely in its new campaign and running text-only ads that flatter the target market by suggesting they'd never fall for typical tourism marketing anyway.

The branding of cities is obviously nothing new: R&R Partners' "What Happens in Vegas" campaign all but defines the city in the popular imagination, and consultancies have been hired in past years to "brand" locales from Manhattan to Edinburgh to Brooklyn.

But how can an agency help define a place that, according to its own press release, "won't be fully complete for another 20 years?" That's the challenge faced by Chicago-based agency VSA Partners and Colombian consultancy Novus Civitas.

Barton F. Graf's signature absurdist humor arrives fully baked in its first campaign for Snyder's of Hanover pretzels.

Broadcast spots and brief social videos introduce the line "Pretzels, Baby, " delivered in mock-serious, smoky tones by actress Laura Wernette.

Rory McIlroy keeps a grueling schedule, but he likes it.

The pro golfer stars in a new ad for Nike, from Wieden + Kennedy Portland, as he gears up in real life for this weekend's Masters tournament, in hopes of landing a grand slam—winning all four majors—on the 2016 tournament circuit.

Would you tolerate your cab driver drinking and driving?

The passengers in MullenLowe's new hidden-camera PSA for the Safe Roads Alliance certainly don't. From the moment they see their cabbie taking swigs from cans and bottles (he isn't actually drinking alcohol, of course), they ream him out—and force him to pull over.

But only toward the end of the PSA does the real point become clear.

Once upon a time, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam created a fairy-tale campaign for Mondelēz's Milka chocolate brand.

Set in the idyllic, magical Alpine hamlet of "Lilaberg, " the ads consolidate Milka's candy and biscuit categories under the theme "Tenderness is inside."

A pair of commercials feature impressive visuals and fanciful story lines. The spots almost resemble children's books come to life—or Pixar interpretations of fables for kids. Fanciful details abound, including cats on every rooftop and a purple cow (Lila, the brand mascot, after whom Lilaberg is named).

In the clip below, set at the town's colorful carnival celebration, "The Strongman" proves he's really just a big softie—tender-hearted, you might say—bonding with a young fan whose confidence needs boosting:

Finish your candy bar, Junior, and you'll grow up big and strong like Gustavus!

"We wanted to create a timeless Alpine world, a self-contained microcosm of interesting characters and places, " Daniel Schaefer, W+K creative director, tells AdFreak. "We wanted to create a world that feels truthful and relatable to people. Some people have asked us if Lilaberg actually exists. It doesn't. That's exactly the feeling that we wanted to create."

There's some nice continuity between "The Strongman" and the second ad, "The Biscuit Jar." Here, a young girl who briefly appears in the first commercial takes the starring role:

Watch out, those whimsical ceramic cake canisters will murder us all! (Unless they're full, in which case they'll probably just take a nap.)

"The biggest challenge was to find a place that could bring our vision of a timeless sun-drenched Alpine village to life, " Schaefer says. "Not an easy feat when you have to shoot in October and the Alps are wet, dark and grim. So, ironically, due to our shoot window, we had to go all around the world to New Zealand to find our typical Alpine scenery."

Hobby Film director Vesa Manninen does a fine job of bringing Milka's fantasy world to life in the campaign, now breaking in Central and Eastern Europe as the first phase of a global multimedia rollout.

Overall, the approach is charming and relatable, if perhaps a bit sugary for some viewers.

The team went out of its way to include Lila, "a so-called Simmental cow, a very special breed from Switzerland, so naturally quite hard to find in New Zealand, " Schaefer says. "Fortunately, we were able to find Willow on a remote farm around Christchurch—a bit of a diva but a total superstar."

And they lived happily ever after!

Client: Milka
Vice President, Marketing Communication and Brand Equity, Global Chocolate Category Team: Phillip Chapman
Global Milka Equity Director: Karine Chik
Milka Europe Marketing Director: Celine Berg (chocolate only)
Milka Europe Equity Manager: Martha Miralles (chocolate only)
Milka Europe Brand Activation Manager: Charlotte de Laleu (chocolate only)
Milka Europe Marketing Director: Ira Shandaryvska (biscuits only)
Milka Europe Treat Biscuits Base and Equity Marketing Lead: Charles-Henri Cassala (biscuits only)

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