Online advertising Basics

Basic Terms in Advertising

A window that launches automatically behind the current browser window. It is a type of advertisement like expandable, video Ads are also type of advertisement .

16. Pop-Up

A window that launches automatically in front of the current browser window.

17. Affiliates

A type of advertising system based on the CPA payment method whereby web sites run advertiser’s banners for free but get paid on any sales or registrations that result from visitors that click on the banner.

18. Agency

An organization that provides a variety of ad services for advertisers,  including helping them design creative and locate the best place to run their advertising campaign.Today there are number of agencies in market, e.g Exponential, Zedo, Eye Blaster etc..

19. Cookies

Cookies are small files that are sent from a web server to the local user’s computer to store information unique to that user.Often used by advertisers to keep track of the number and frequency of advertisements that have been shown to a visitor or by sites to help them determine the number of unique visitors.Cookies can also be used to target advertising, such as targeting advertising based on an individual’s user profile on a site.

20. Frequency Capping

A term used to describe the number of times the same advertisement is shown to the same visitor during a particular session or time frame.Frequency Capping is a popular method for ensuring that a single user does not see the same ad too often.

21. Geo targeting

Geo targeting is the practice of targeting ads to web users based on their physical location, e.g. If i want to show to Ad only to US citizen i can target the Geo only to US so no other user at different location can see the Ad .

22. Interstitial

An particular type of advertisement that loads between web pages, requiring a user to look at it before getting to the page they meant to go to.It is one of the closest things on the Internet to television commercials.

23. Post Click Tracking – PCT

This is used to track if a user performs an action after clicking on a banner,  such as completing a registration page or purchasing an item. It is done with the use of a cookie placed in the browser that is read by a tracking pixel on a page (such as an order confirmation page or a “thank you for signing up” page).

24. RON

Run of network (RON) means a banner will run on all the network i.e it has the potential to appear on any page of any site that is part of an ad network.This type of buy is not targeted to any specific choice, it tends to be the least expensive type of advertisement that can be purchased.Custom targeting is quite costly than RON.

25. Leaderboard

Leaderboard is a standard size of an online banner ( advertisement ) of size (w) 729 x (h) 90 (in pixels).

26. MPU ( Mid page Unit )

MPU (Mid Page Unit) or medium rectangle is a banner (advertisement) size of (w) 300 x (h) 250 (in pixels).

27. Skyscraper

Ad Dimension 120×600. Commonly used on the side of pages.

28. ATF – “Above the fold” of a web page.

29. BTF – “Below the fold” of a web page.

30. Insertion Order

It’s a formal contract binding between both the buyer and seller of inventory.

31. Ad Tags

HTML code produced by your ad server that displays the corresponding creatives.

32. Pacing

Pacing is how fast the purchased impressions are delivered, like if the pacing is AGGRESSIVEÂ, it means the impressions are to be delivered in a fast pace while if the pacing is GOVERNED, it means the impressions are to be delivered in some pattern and also in slow mode.

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