Marketing website Ideas

Website Marketing Ideas

Watch a video tour and get a look behind the curtain of this powerful and easy to use marketing platform.

A website's homepage is unarguably the single most advantageous website marketing asset that a business can have. Serving as more than just an online 'first impression' the homepage acts as a virtual welcome mat for prospects and customers alike.

More than ever, customers put care into researching their purchases online long before they are even engaged by your sales team. Conventional website marketing analytics, such as Google Analytics, make a point of honing in on statistical averages and traffic patterns; Marketo takes a much more strategized and hands on approach.

Marketo intelligently monitors each website visitor and provides you with hard facts capable of stimulating critical thinking and adds to your collection of website marketing concepts. Instantly, you will develop a more thorough understanding of data such as:

  • Inferred data (company, country, zip code and city)
  • Clicks and visits
  • Info on referrers, including pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Custom parameters in the URL
  • Browser info and IP address

The information is stored for all visitors (both known and anonymous). Once a visitor engages, it is updated with contact information. This is critical for tasks such as lead scoring, which is one of the most successful website marketing strategies of the last decade. Marketo website monitoring allows you to change a lead's score based on behaviors, and help Sales better prioritize leads.

Marketo also integrates seamlessly with content management systems (CMS) — such as WordPress and Drupal. This integration allows the system to track information seamlessly for pages on your existing website, and lead data captured in forms.

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