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"PUT THE NET TO WORK" ~ Why Advertise on the Internet? ~

Advertising through the Internetis growing by leaps and bounds. It is the fastest growing and largest multimedia tool with over 55 million people on-line in just the United States and Canada alone. It is on the cutting-edge of technology with thousands of Web sites being created and placed on the Web daily throughout the world. Most companies have turned to the Internet to serve their advertising needs. It is the most efficient, cost effective method of advertising since the introduction of television. The notable difference is that your Web site remains on the Internet advertising your company indefinitely. There are no limited advertising time frames.

Why constantly pay outrageous advertising costs and limit your target areas?
Advertising by means of newspaper ads, television commercials, and radio are expensive, limited to a short period of time, and only reach a small target market. Advertising on the World Wide Web eliminates all of these restrictions, and best of all, has a one time cost to you. What better way is there to put information about your company or product in the homes of millions of people? There is no better way!

Once your Web site is created, it is placed on your Internet Service Provider's computer and registered with Search Engines, which allow it to be linked to major Internet Directories and Indexes. This allows your Web site to be presented on screen when potential customers place a search for your particular type of business using key words which are connected to your Web site through the Search Engine Registration process.

Web sites can be changed, modified, or updated at any time at a minimal cost to you. They may contain surveys, on-line order forms, catalogs, feedback forms, guest books, and access counters. Newsletters can be produced on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to inform employees or clients of the latest changes within your company or to your product. Reciprocal links to other sites or directories can also be built to create a community of interest.

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