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Measuring paid & organic search results

In order to use the paid & organic report, you’ll need to have a Search Console account for your website, and you’ll need to link that Search Console account to your AdWords account. (Search Console is a free Google tool that gives you data and tips to help you understand and improve your search traffic.) Once you link your accounts, you’ll be able to view your organic search results right alongside the performance statistics for text ads in your AdWords search campaigns. Note: the paid & organic report counts performance of text ads only. It doesn't count statistics from Shopping ads or click-to-download ads.


Karen runs a website that sells travel guides for destination all over the world. When she looks at her paid & organic report, she sees that her site appears every now and then in organic search results for the search query "Hawaii vacations." She also sees that the organic clicks/query rate is relatively high, which means that lots of people searching for "Hawaii vacations" who see Karen’s site listings actually click through to her site. Karen sees this as a great opportunity to attract even more people interested in her business to her site, and she decides to add keywords like "Hawaii vacations" to her relevant AdWords campaigns.

A few uses for paid & organic reports

The new paid & organic report provides a holistic view of your text ad stats and organic listings at the query level, letting you analyze strengths and gaps in your overall search presence. This also gives you insight into how your paid text ads and organic search listings work together to connect your business with people searching on Google. Here are three simple and powerful use cases for this report:

Discover additional keywords

Use the report to discover potential keywords to add to your AdWords accounts by looking for queries where you only appear in organic search with no associated text ads.

  • You can identify queries with a low number of paid impressions by adding a filter for "ad impressions = 0" or "ad impressions < X" (if you have multiple accounts, all organic search data will be imported in each account).
  • Downloading a paid & organic report in a My Client Center (MCC) account (for AdWords accounts with the same language and geo settings) will allow you to find duplicate organic queries and identify queries that have no paid text ad impressions across any accounts.
  • You can also add an additional filter to identify queries containing specific text, like your brand name or your most important products and services.

View detailsOptimize presence on high-value queries

Use the report to improve your presence in paid text ad results and monitor your high value queries for organic results.

  • Identify relevant queries for your business that have low organic traffic volume and target these queries to strengthen your paid search presence.

Measure changes holistically

As you test website improvements or changes to bids, budgets, or keywords, you can more easily see the impact across text ads, organic results, and combined traffic. See how changing your keyword bids increases or decreases overall combined clicks for related queries, and work to cost-effectively increase your overall traffic for your most important queries.

Understanding the paid & organic report

Once you’ve set up the paid & organic report on your account, you can view it on the Dimensions tab. The report is updated once a day.

Here are the columns found in the paid & organic report and definitions for each metric:

Ad Clicks The number of times someone clicked your text ad when it showed for a particular query.
Ad Impressions How many times your text ad has appeared on a search results page or website on the Google Network.
Ad CTR How often people who see your text ad end up clicking it. CTR can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing.
Ad Avg. CPC The average amount you pay each time someone clicks your text ad. Average CPC is determined by totalling the cost of all clicks and dividing it by the number of clicks.
Ad Avg Position Helps explain where your text ads rank, on average, on the search results page.
Organic Clicks The number of times someone clicked your site's listing in the unpaid results for a particular query.
Organic Queries A web search. This column indicates the total number of searches that returned pages from your site over the given period.
Organic Clicks/Query The number of clicks you’ve received on your organic search listings divided by the total number searches that returned pages from your site.
Organic Listings/query A listing is when a page of your site is returned as a search result. This column indicates the average number of times a page from your site was listed per query.
Organic Avg Position Average position is calculated by taking the average top position of your listing (or multiple listings) for each query.
Combined ads and organic
Ads and Organic Clicks This column represents the number of times a person clicked either:
  • one of your text ads
  • one of your organic search listings
Ads and Organic Queries A query is a web search. This column indicates the total number of searches that returned pages from your site in the organic search results or triggered one of your text ads.
Ads and Organic Clicks/Query The number of clicks you’ve received on your text ads or organic listings divided by the total number queries that either:
  • returned a page from your site
  • triggered one of your text ads

Though they're not shown by default, you can add Keyword, Ad Group or Campaign columns to your report by clicking Columns > Modify columns > Ad stats and selecting the column type you want to add.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Investment in paid search has no impact on your organic search ranking. Google maintains a strict separation between our search business and our advertising business.
  • Organic results are not constrained by your AdWords campaigns’ ad targeting settings. In other words, your ads are limited by the languages and locations you target in your AdWords account, but your organic search listings are not. That means it’s possible to have more organic impressions than paid impressions even if your campaigns have 100% impression share. For example, if your ad campaign for a given keyword is targeted just to the United States, an organic impression occurring in Canada would still show up in your paid & organic report for that keyword even though you don't advertise there.
  • Your organic data is only reported back to the date you started importing it from webmaster tools, so you won't see historical organic data before you established that link.
  • The organic data you see is based on all domains you've linked to your account. At this time, we don't have a way to filter organic traffic to just a subset of linked domains.

Setting up the paid & organic report

In order to view the paid & organic report, you must have your Search Console account linked to your AdWords account. If you don’t have a Search Console account, you can set one up at anytime on the Search Console site.

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