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Where to post free job ads online

Place free job adsThere are plenty of options for you to place free job ads online. You can post ads on job boards, classifieds, your company website, or our specialty, recruitment marketplaces. As busy human resources professionals, it’s important to use the right tactic, garnering the best return for your time. If posting free job ads amasses thousands of resumes from unqualified candidates, the amount of time you’ll spend sifting through them will end up costing you.

We’ll take a look at the above options for posting job ads free online.

Job Boards

There are plenty of job board sites out there for you to post free ads. Indeed, Seek, and Monster are just a few. Job boards are big business and rightfully so. They helped fill a need of getting your job listing out to as many people as possible.

This spray-and-pray approach has it’s advantages. For job-seekers, they can gain access to thousands of job postings and employers can get easily receive and review applicants online. But this usually means that applicants are applying in bulk to positions they probably aren’t ready for, leaving employers to sift through thousands of resumes to find a candidate that fits their needs.

Also, for most companies, job boards are used to bring a candidate to their online application page, which means they still have to build and support a separate system from where they post their free job ads. Job boards may be a free way to post jobs online, but the time and maintenance costs of the process will still cost you.


Online classified sites like craigslist and gumtree can be great places to find workers, cars, and electronics. But the vast array of “products” on these sites means the process for finding employees is just one of their many focuses.

Without a singular focus on the recruitment game, classifieds are not optimised for the recruiting experience. This usually means that after your job ad posts, you’re stuck with random emails and phone calls from applicants from all walks of life that take up resources to sift through and find a winner, if there even is one.

There has been success with classifieds when it comes to finding personal day labourers like gardeners and movers, or seasonal workers for less skilled positions. These quick, transactional jobs are well suited for the classified ads space.

Company Website

Your company website seems like a no-brainer for posting free job ads online, but may not be. Your company website may not drive lots of sessions, but if the majority is consumer and not job-seeker traffic, you’ll miss out on top-quality candidates because they don’t know you are recruiting. And letting people know you are hiring also means giving up webpage real estate that could be promoting your product.

As a smaller company, you may have very little traffic currently going to your site. No traffic means no job applicants. And if you are trying to fill a position quickly, the lag time may be unbearable to your organisation. If you’re in Australia, a smart way to ease these problems is to create a free JobAdvisor profile for your company. You’ll get a well presented page where your current employees can post reviews and where you can showcase your company culture as well as post any positions you’re hiring for.

Recruitment Marketplace

A recruitment marketplace connects employers, recruitment agencies, and candidates. Employers can post free job ads online but also search, based on desired skills, through candidates already pre-qualified by recruitment agencies. This means you’ll spend less time waiting for quality candidates to find you and more time, shortlisting and interviewing. This is a new way to recruit though, so the pool of candidates is still growing daily and will continue to get stronger.

Currently, Search Party is the only online recruitment marketplace that brings the power of recruitment agencies to your company. Post your job, search for candidates, shortlist and schedule interviews all with a free account. Search Party saves time and money, by allowing you to set your own fees and pick your own candidates from a list of pre-qualified potential employees. These are presented to you based on our algorithms using your search criteria. This cuts down on the amount of poor quality candidates you have to sift through and that means, it takes less time to hire.

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