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How Much It Costs To Post A Job Online

The following blog post was updated on October 9, 2014.

Looking to post a job online quickly without having to deal with the hassle of talking with a salesperson or the commitment of a contract? Posting your jobs instantly online with a credit card for 30 or 60 days might be the best place to start. To help, we’ve gathered a breakdown of the most popular job posting sites and the cost of posting a job right now.

Some refer to this online recruitment model as “post and pray” since it’s not a pay-for-performance advertising solution. But single job listings posted on a site for a set period of time for a flat fee – regardless of where the job shows up, how many interested candidates click, or what kind of results are delivered as measured by data like applicants or clicks – can be a great way to get your open position online quickly and effectively.

If you’re used to paying an external recruiter upwards of $20K per hire, it may seem like a no-brainer to spend a couple hundred dollars to post a job online. Recognize, however, that with over 40, 000 job boards online that come and go on a daily basis – there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your investment is well spent.

No one’s interested in sifting through hundreds or thousands of resumes if none of them even warrant a phone screen. Quality candidates are what you’re looking for, so it’s important you’re advertising in the right place. Evaluate the demographics of the job seekers on the site you’re advertising on. Are they highly educated or blue collar professionals? Active or passive job seekers? Is it a niche job board targeting engineers, nurses, or even pet groomers? Does the site only advertise hourly positions or target seasonal hires?

How much traffic are they currently seeing on their site? It doesn’t matter how inexpensive a job posting is if no one ever sees it. Find out how many million users are searching for jobs on their site and whether their traffic is growing quickly or slowly declining.

How long will your job be posted on their site? Many job boards offer 30 or 60 day terms. Are you tied to a monthly commitment? Is it up to you to track when your listings expire to ensure they don’t go dark? Or will the listings be auto-renewing every month on your original credit card until you remember to cancel?

Comparing The Cost

  • Glassdoor offers employers a do-it-yourself 30 day job listing for $99-$249 in the United States depending on your city. For employers looking to post more than five jobs, Glassdoor recommends its complete job advertising solution that helps target the 25 million members on Glassdoor who might not have your company top of mind. This can be a more effective use of recruitment budget that can deliver measurable results for companies of all sizes in as little as 90 days. Additionally, Glassdoor solutions are half the price of LinkedIn.
  • Monster offers 30 and 60 day job posting options. Pricing for a single job posting for 30 days starts at $375, 60 days for $395, with discounts when purchasing in bulk. Special Offers include multiple job posting packs and the opportunity to feature jobs with bold or highlighted font.
  • Career Builder single job posting pricing begins at $419 for 30 days only, with discounts ranging from 7%-58% for the advanced purchase of up to 50 jobs postings which must be used within 12 months. The single location extends to a 30-mile radius.
  • Simply Hired is $99 to sponsor 1 job for 30 days, comparable in price to Glassdoor’s day single job posting. Employers can expand visibility to include Simply Hired’s partner network for $199 for 45 days and access communities on niche sites and blogs.
  • LinkedIn sells a 30-day posting for $495.00, a 5-job pack at a 20% discount, and 10-job pack at a 40% savings, but your job location cannot be edited once your job is posted.
  • Dice caters to technical and engineering professionals with30-day single posting for $395 to as $250 for 5-10 postings. 60 Day posting and premium products require you to contact Sales.
  • SnagAJob focuses on filling hourly positions with 30 day packages for up to 20 postings for $89 a month. Be aware that postings automatically renew on a monthly basis with the original credit card provided unless you email or call to cancel your account during EST business hours.
  • Craigslist charges anywhere from $25 – $75 for a 30 day posting, depending on the location selected. It’s easy to post and even easier to apply – Just be prepared for a high volume of unqualified applicants that may end up wasting lots of your time. Also, listings are posted in reverse chronological order so a job you posted two days ago might get buried and may not show up until page 8.
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