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Online Awards of Completion (OAC)

The Online Awards of Completion in Advertising are personal enrichment programs designed for students interested in acquiring a foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for the advertising profession. Award of Completion and personal enrichment students may have these courses credited toward a degree at the Academy of Art University, pending portfolio review and approval by the department director. Degree-seeking students must also satisfy existing degree requirements.

Online Awards of Completion are offered in the following subjects: Copywriting, Account Planning, Art Direction

Review all of the School of Advertising Online Awards of Completion:

Copywriting Required Courses:

ADV 109: Introduction to Advertising

LA 108: Written Composition for the Artist

ADV 112: Marketing & Advertising Strategies

ADV 115: Copywriting 1*

*Prerequisite: LA 108 & ADV 109 or MPT 220. Both ADV 109 & LA 108 may be taken concurrently.

Account Planning Required Courses:

FND 113: Sketching for Communication or GR 102: Digital Tools

ADV 360: Account Planning 1*

*Prerequisite: ADV 112

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