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10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

1) Blogs/websites - There are an astronomical number of these that are hungry for content! Many accept, even seek out, "guest posts", blogs or articles from people not employed by the person or business running the site.

These can be great promotional placements for you as long as you choose the blog or website you allow to publish your work carefully. Having one or more of your articles on a site that gets little traffic isn't going to help you and may even hurt your business if it's a spammy looking site. Ideally, you want to get your piece published on a blog or website that has high traffic and has a good chance of being visited by your prospective customers.

You also have to choose carefully in terms of your target market. If you're selling baby clothes, getting one of your articles published on a blog about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn't going to be seen by many (if any) of the customers you hope to impress.

Getting your work on a popular blog directly related to bringing up baby would be a much better fit.

2) Magazines - The magazine industry isn't dead yet and many of them are always looking for content too. Once again, the trick is to get your article published in a magazine that your target market is likely to read. Search for these online by specific topic (i.e. baby magazines).

Freelance writing sites also provide a great deal of information on all kinds of publications that might publish your efforts. Make your research easier by starting with a great site that provides all kinds of lists and information on markets such as About Freelance Writers, or

3) Newspapers can still be good places to place your business promotion article. Try contacting the Business editor of your local paper and pitching your article. If this approach fails, you might be able to get your piece into the printed or online version of the paper by sending it in as a letter to the Editorial section.

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