Pay per Click proposal

Ethoseo’s PPC management process:

Is your pay-per-click campaign on cruise control? Have you noticed a drop in PPC conversions? If so, Ethoseo’s enterprise pay-per-click management (PPC) can help, saving you time and money. Whether you’re just starting your AdWords campaign or have been managing it for years, Ethoseo can deliver increased leads and improved performance.

Every day, enterprise businesses like yours compete on the Google AdWords advertising platform, yet only a handful use full-time PPC management.

  1. Initial consultation to determine your website goals, target market and budget.
  2. Submit, discuss, and approve a PPC proposal.
  3. Keyword list generation and ideation using proprietary 3rd party software.
  4. Build, group, and organize the campaign.
  5. Write and/or rewrite multiple creatives.
  6. Launch, monitor, modify, and collect data from the campaign.
  7. Iterative testing, refining, and scrubbing of keyword list.
  8. Continual improvement on return on investment, click through rates, and Quality Score.

Why Choose Ethoseo PPC management?

  • Comprehensive set-up on Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, and Facebook Ads
  • Guaranteed PPC services
  • Split testing of ads and continual bid management
  • Conversion tracking implementation
  • Plain english reporting
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