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How to increase online sales by Facebook ads

A/B testing images and contentAs mentioned in previous posts, you can use many ways to promote your website with the cost of zero. However, that does not mean you do not need any paid-advertising methods for your online sales. If you know how to use effectively, your ad will bring you enough revenue to offset the amount you’ve spent.

Currently there are about 1 billion Facebook users – such a huge number. Imagine how massively your message will be spread if you know the tips to utilize Facebook ads.

This article will give you the basic knowledge of Facebook advertising and the instructions to use this tool most effectively.

1.1. Basic form – Market place ads

This form of advertising appears in the right column of the News Feed page, application page, event or photo slideshows on Facebook. This basic ad format includes a headline, a short description and an illustration image. The ads’ landing page can be your fanpage, your website or any web address. The subject line’s maximum length is 25 characters, the description’s maximum is 90, the illustration image’s size is 100 × 72 pixels.

Basic ads

Your goal is how to make customers click on your ads the most with just one tiny picture and brief introduction lines. Let’s try different ad content and images, in order to measure the effectiveness of advertising content and thereby also understanding your customers’ tastes.

Optimize your ad

When creating ads, you can specify which users will see your ads using demographic information such as age, gender, residence, etc… or even the customers’ preferences. Facebook will estimate the number of users that meets the criteria of your choice.

1.2. Boost post (page post ads)

You have posted some news to your business fanpage and you want that post to reach more people? This is when you should use “Boost-post ads” (page post ads promote).

The type of ads will appear in user’s News Feed as a regular post. You can use pictures, videos, links in advertising content .

Since it appears in News Feed with a friendly format, this kind of ads attracts more attention. As a result, it usually brings greater effectiveness in comparison with basic ads (see section 1.1).

1.3. Sponsored stories

This form of advertising is displayed in News Feed of friends of those who have active interaction with the advertised post such as :

  • Like / Comment / Share page or post
  • Attending the event
  • Using applications
  • v.v.v …

facebook sponsored storiesSponsored story is an interesting form of advertising because it is a relevant and reliable source to display. For example, if you like our facebook page “Beeketing” and we are conducting the advertising, some of your friends will see ” You (your Facebook name) liked Beeketing”, followed with the Beeketing’s image, in their news feed.

2.1. Start small, then gradually increase your budget

This will help you control your budget flexibly. You can simply adjust the ad content if you don’t find it effective after a while, or increase budget if the ad is incredibly worth the money.

2.2. Target your audience carefully

Facebook advertising will promote the most effective if people who like your Facebook page are also the people who really need the product/ service you offer, as well as they are in the geographic area that you target. Thus, quality is definitely better than quantity.

The number of people who like your page does not mean anything if they are not your target customers. In contrast, the ad will attract people with needs and affordability, thereby extending the network for customers and help you reach the other customers .

2.3. Have a clear objective when starting Facebook ads

Facebook Ads, after all, must bring revenue to your business. You should set a specific goal to be able to monitor the effectiveness of advertising, so that you can quickly adjust advertising messages when necessary.

2.4. Practice, practice and practice

Finally, whether you have mastered all the theory about using Facebook advertising, the key factor to success is your experience. The more you practice, the more you will know how to take the most of Facebook ads efficiently and economically. In addition, you will also learn more about your customers through these times so that next time’s design will be more effective.

Here above is the basic knowledge about Facebook advertising. Besides the free promotional methods, using ads is an option that you should not ignore in the process of marketing your business. Do not forget to follow our blog, we will provide in-depth instruction to boost sales in social commerce age, as well as how to sell on Facebook in the next articles.

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