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The Online Advertising Network Devoted To Gamers

CPMStar is the Oldest and Largest Ad Network in the Games and Youth oriented Entertainment space.

CPMStar connects brands and game publishers with the largest audience of game players globally across multiple platforms. As gaming has become increasingly popular, CPMStar now leads the space with heavy engagement across all devices to create a unique emotional connection for brands and the best quality player acquisitions for game publishers. Target audiences by channel, genre, geo-target, device and gamer type.

CPMStar operates our own proprietary ad server specifically built to deploy targeted and powerful placements that result in class-leading ROI. Superior ad serving tech combined with detail oriented personal campaign management and close relationships with the websites will result in a succesful campaign.

CPMStar has created effective online campaigns for the top names in gaming and brands looking to reach a specific relevant audience. With our massive reach and strong focus on gaming we can confidently create a campaign to achieve and surpass your goals.

We provide exceptional results for a variety of advertisers:

  • Online Games
  • Browser Games
  • Virtual World
  • Social Gaming
  • Retail Games
  • PS3
  • XBox
  • Wii
  • PC
  • DS
  • Entertainment
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Music
  • Anime/Comic
  • Brands
  • Telecom
  • Cereal
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Candy
  • Casino

CPMStar's highly skilled creative department can assist in the creation of banners or the high impact custom units if interested.

*CPMStar does not accept affiliate advertisers or offers.

It pays to use CPMStar to monetize your gaming website

CPMStar is the only network out there that will actually improve the quality of your site by showing ads that interest your audience because the ads themselves are focused on games and gamers. Your users will see appealing motion graphics representing the world's highest quality games and entertainment. This translates to happier users and higher income for your site. We use our own proprietary ad server that is constantly optimizing to maximize your profits.

Our terms are simple and require no exclusivity or long term obligations, our payout rate is tops, and we pay Net 30 with a low $1 minimum. Game, Videos, Humor, Community, Movie, and many other online entertainment categories generate strong revenue on our network.

Discover what many of the web's biggest game sites, like Newgrounds, Armorgames, MMOHut and Artix Entertainment have all found: it pays to use CPMStar! Check out some of our Custom Ad Units.

Check out our Game Sponsor Program!

CPMStar offers a Game Sponsor Program where we help make the process of working with sponsors easy and efficient while generating high end revenue for you and your great games.

Once you have an approved sponsor, simply enter your sponsor code when applying the game in your account, and you are well on the way to monetizing your game with top paying, high quality in-game ads. If you prefer not to use a sponsorship code from one of our partners we will provide you one upon sign up.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the program.

It pays to go MOBILE - Monetize your mobile sites and apps

We offer a variety of ways to integrate your mobile-optimized site or mobile app into our high-paying ad network.

Choose from a selection of MMA approved ad sizes:

  • 216x36 Banner
  • 300x50 Banner
  • 320x50 Banner
  • 300x250 Static
  • Expandable Banner
  • HTML 5 Video

Mobile Advertising

Spread your message on a network reaching 8 million global and 1.5 million US unique mobile users every month.

Mobile Brand Advertising

Target the growing sector of mobile smartphone and tablet users to reach your audience wherever they go. Our intelligent ad serving technology uses geo-targeting and device detection that matches your marketing criteria.

Mobile App Promotion

Market your mobile game or app to the largest network of web destinations for gamers. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective results by offering various performance-based pricing and strategies that meet your needs.

camsmith Parkour Simulator FPV 3D
Mobile Application (camsmith)
  • - The game is a first person;
  • - Choice of tricks;
  • - Ability to leveling;
  • - Stunning 3D graphics;
  • - Comfortable controls;
  • - Movement combos;
  • - Top-notch designed levels;
  • - Ongoing updates to deliver new features and content;
  • - Online highscores;
  • - Interesting gameplay;
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Gravity Labs Chain Reaction
Mobile Application (Gravity Labs)
  • 10 levels with 500 Word Chains
  • 2 Player Battle
  • Hours of game play
  • Plays exactly like the game show
  • Free-Roaming level selection with progress
  • Perfect for tablets and phones
  • No excessive permissions or aggressive advertising
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