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Click Online Store then NavigationWhenever you change the URL of one of your store’s pages, you run the risk that customers could return to their bookmarks and saved links and find them broken. URL redirection is a technique for making a web page direct a visitor to a new URL address.

This can also be a problem if you're coming over to Shopify from another ecommerce service, or if you have an old website and want to use its domain for your new store. If you don't redirect the path of these old URLs to your new store, you can confuse customers, damage your SEO, and impact your site traffic.

You cannot redirect certain paths because they are reserved for the system:

  • /apps
  • /application
  • /cart
  • /carts
  • /orders
  • /shop
  • /services

Create a URL redirect

You can create a URL redirect right from your Shopify admin.

To create a URL redirect:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, then click Navigation (or press G W N):
  2. Click URL Redirects:
  3. Url redirect 1Click to create your first redirect:
  4. From the dialog, add the old URL that you have changed and would like to redirect in the text box labeled Old path.
  5. Enter your new URL in the text box labeled Redirects to.
  6. Click Save URL redirect. Now, when customers go to your store's old the old URL, they will be automatically redirected to the correct page.


URL redirects can only be used on paths that would otherwise lead to a Not Found 404 page. Any URLs with valid paths cannot be redirected.

Manage your URL redirects

If you have many URL redirects, the time may come that you need to maintain the list. To do this, you can:

Filter URL redirects by date

To filter your list of redirects by date:

  1. Click Filter redirects.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click Select a filter. Then click Date added.
  3. Click Select a value and choose to search before or after a date you will specify.
  4. Specify the date:
  5. Click Add filter.

A list of URL redirects matching your search will be displayed.

Delete URL redirects one by one

To delete a single URL redirect:

  1. Locate the URL redirect you want to delete (if you have a long list, you can to help locate it).
  2. Click the trash can icon:
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