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Drive More Traffic to your Site with These 3 Killer Web Tools

When you’ve worked hard to create a website that’s out of this world, you want to do all that you can to get your target market to visit it. And, with so much competition fighting to get views on the internet, you might need to try a few web tricks to guide potential clients in the right direction.

Just like a physical store might place signs around town to help lead customers to their business’s door, websites too have unique advertising tricks to best promote a virtual location. Careful indexing, advertising and search engine optimization can help bring your website to your audience’s attention, but sometimes the best results can come about with a little help from expert web advertising tools. To make things easier, we’ve hand-picked some of our favorite tools and placed them in the Wix App Market. We like to think of these apps as your website’s GPS to lead your ultimate clients to your website’s door.

?3 Amazing Tools to Drive Traffic to your Website Google, Facebook, Yelp? Just like you, when would-be customers are looking for the solution that you have to offer, they often take to the most popular social networks and search engines to do the digging for them.

Search engines and social pages are often considered the front page of the internet, so needless to say, it’s critical that your business is listed at the top of these search results. Of course, it should be noted that not every social network and search engine hold the same value for every industry. Depending on your location, demographic and businesses field, you may choose to focus on promoting your biz on one network over another. Site Booster takes the guess work out of your search and social strategy and makes sure that your businesses is listed where your target audience is most active online. Best yet, if you’ve got a physical location to match your website, Site Booster takes the extra step to add your address, phone number and other important details to local directories so that your target market can get in touch anytime, anywhere.

If you’re scratching your head wondering how you can best serve your customers, Site Search might have just the answers you’re looking for. This clever tool adds a super user-friendly search box to your website and incorporates your website viewer’s searches to benefit your overall SEO. And, not surprisingly, it turns out that customers love an easy search option. In fact, over 64% of eCommerce owners attribute higher conversion rates to simply adding a search bar to their website.

Site SearchOur favorite part about Site Search is that it adds as much to the front end of your web site as it does behind the scenes. This awesome customizable app can match the color and style of your website to fit right in, and the handy search capabilities make navigating your site a breeze for your customers. Behind the scenes of this powerful conversion tool also lies some intense elements to power up your SEO. Site Search keeps tabs on what people on your site have searched for so that you can know how to better tailor your SEO to match those same results. This clever search trick is the same strategy that Google uses to fine-tune it’s very own algorithm.

Savvy business owners know that there’s more to advertising than bringing just anyone through your door – you want to make sure that the right, most profitable clients come face to face with your business. With that in mind, GetTraffic has created the perfect advertising solution to zero-in on your client base. With GetTraffic, you can create smart web ads that target your audience based on important characteristics like location and demographic, so that you only spend your advertising budget on people that are most likely to convert into clients.

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